2023 Chinese New Year Media Dinner

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Organised by Carat Comms Management and Moses Artist Management, ‘2023 Chinese New Year Media Dinner’ was held recently which was attended by a group of media, artists and hosts including Ken Chin, Joel Kuan, Khye, Dylan and Emily Ng.

The event was held at Kampung Seafood Parit Jawa which is famous for fresh seafood and Parit Jawa local dishes. The organisers would like to also express their deep gratitude to the media and talents for their support and assistance in the past years.

In his speech, Moses also shared his experience in the year 2022, including cooperation with merchants in different fields to promote brands, products and conduct exclusive interviews. In addition, Moses told the media that he has successfully helped his artist Ken Chin transformed from a model to an actor and venturing into filming industry.

The Chinese New Year TV series ‘New Year Rendezvous’ is currently being broadcast on Astro Shuang Xing Channel (Channel 307), and the Chinese New Year movie ‘Little Sunshine’ will be released in theaters on January 19. On the other side, the Codrington Postnatal Retreat’s online talk show, hosted by Emily Ng, will starts from February 1, every Wednesday, at 9:00 p.m.

Apart from that, according to Michelle Chan, Carat Comms Management performed brilliantly in last year, actively cultivating talents in the entertainment industry, and Carat Comms organised “My Voice Got Talent Singing Competition 2022”; and “Fairytales Little Prince and Princess Contest 2022” at shopping malls with the objective of cultivating young talents, both events drive huge family crowds to the shopping malls. At the same time, Carat Comms also hosted the “ASUS Business Networking Event” to open up new business channels for ASUS products.

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