BizGrowth Event Management Sdn Bhd

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No 15A, Jalan Utama 34, Taman Mutiara Rini, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +607-522 4898     Email:

BizGrowth Event Management Sdn Bhd is an event planner company founded by industry experts who specialize in creating innovative, sophisticated and cutting-edge events in Johor Bahru. We create events that tell your story. We build your brand, focus on ROI and engage your audience. We have built our reputation by design for our clients around Johor Bahru. With over 10 year of experience we developed a rich knowledge and understanding of the event, art and hospitality worlds: resulting in our reputation for creating truly unforgettable moments.

As an event company, we are storytellers, believe that the experience of the event can have a major impact on guest, it is our mission to ensure each event is thoughtfully produced and curated to create a moment that forges lifelong impressions. We are committed to providing our clients in Johor Bahru with the strongest foundations for their success. Together with our commitment to the best hospitality guarantees that we always bring visions to life in a way that surpasses all expectation.


Whether it is opening ceremony or product launching, we are excited to partner with your organization and bring energy and enthusiasm to your event. We are ready to curate a brand experience that speaks to and engage with your audience. Allow us the opportunity to plan an innovative event that leaves attendees wowed.

Thinking of having company annual dinner? We offer you a list of full-services to choose from for all aspects of your corporate party: amazing ideas for decor, entertainment, and other creative elements to make your annual dinner event truly unique.

Mobile and promotional tours are a form of experiential marketing that can allow large brands to build much closer ties with their consumer than can be forged with traditional TV commercials or print advertising.  People are more likely to buy your product if they can touch it or try it out.  So how do get more people to try out your brand or product?  Mobile tours & Roadshows are a valuable marketing tool allowing brands to lay the groundwork to establish a positive reputation with their potential consumer base.  We come up with and execute customized mobile marketing programs that take your products off the retail shelf and into the consumer’s hands.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, mid-autumn or etc, our team will help you celebrate life’s incredible occasions with beautiful Designer Invitations, gift ideas, theme parties and chocolate arrangements.

Employee training is a process focused on communicating with and teaching an employee information and/or instructions.The purpose of employee training is to improve the employee’s performance or to help the employee gain a necessary level of knowledge and skill to productively, effectively, and profitably perform his or her job. Our qualify HRDF trainers will make sure we bring your staff to another level after this training.