22nd Scientific Congress of The Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology (APAMT 2024)

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November 11, 2024


November 14, 2024





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The Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology (APAMT) is an international association founded in 1989 by a group of medical toxicologists to promote chemical safety, poison control, and poisoning management in the Asia-Pacific Region. Since its inception, APAMT has actively promoted scientific research in clinical toxicology while also sharing poison information among the various poison centres in the region. APAMT also engages with other international societies with corresponding interest and collaborates with governmental agencies, including the World Health Organization, professional bodies, and individuals, to promote and conduct scientific research and investigations on poisoning.

APAMT’s inaugural international scientific congress was held in Tehran (Iran) in 1992. Since then, a series of the scientific congress have been organised in the following countries: Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, UAE, Australia, Singapore, and Bali. The congress serves as a forum for the toxicologist fraternity to interact and debate new developments, challenges, and emerging issues in the field of toxicology. APAMT’S congresses in recent years have attracted participants from the African Continent, South America, the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, and the Middle East besides the Asia-Pacific.

The Malaysia National Poison Centre based at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, is the organiser and host of the 22nd Chapter of the APAMT International Scientific Congress – APAMT Malaysia 2024. The event will take place on 11 – 14 November 2024 in Penang, Malaysia. The organising of APAMT Malaysia 2024 is a collaborative effort between APAMT, the Malaysia National Poison Centre, the Malaysian Society on Toxinology (MST), and the College of Emergency Physicians – CEP (Malaysia Academy of Medicine).

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