Best of Chen Lei Hits 2024 Concert – Malaysia

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June 15, 2024


June 15, 2024


6:00 pm

8:00 pm




Arena Of Stars

Resorts World Genting,
Genting Highlands,
69000 Bentong,


Chen Lei, the renowned King of Hokkien whose voice is well-known in every corner of Taiwan, entered the music scene in 1991 when he was discovered by a record company. His classic and unique songs, with a style that resonates with the working class, express their sentiments. Songs like 《Feng Zhen Tou》、《Wang Shi Jiu Shi Wo De An Wei》《心愛Xin Ai De Beng Ku 》 bring a positive outlook on life. These songs along with others like 《You Ying Wu》、《Huan Xi Jiu Hao》、《Shui Yuan》are widely sung by fellow artists. Chen Lei’s album 《Huan Xi Jiu Hao》 released in 1994, not only achieved a remarkable sales record of a million copies but also became one of the top ten classic Hokkien songs selected across the Taiwan Strait. In recent years, it has gained popularity on platforms like TikTok, proving its enduring and irreplaceable position in the world of Taiwanese music.

Angela Ching is a Malaysian. After a decade away, Angela made a remarkable return last year with three albums under New Southern Records Sdn Bhd. Her album 《Gan Ai Gan Dang》in January 2023 gained widespread acclaim, leading to frequent performances in Singapore and Indonesia. In October, following the success, Angela released her second album 《You are my beautiful LOVE》and marked a remarkable sales record. And for the first time in the album, Angela attempted to sing songs in Thai and English. Now, Angela is preparing for her highly anticipated third solo album, solidifying her triumphant comeback to the music scene.

Jane Tan, is a Malaysian with 27 years of stage experience, began her musical journey at ten, winning acclaim in children’s singing competitions. Her repertoire spans multiple languages, including Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew, Hakka, English, Malay, Indonesian, and Indian. At 17, her debut album, 《Last Night’s Regret》 wowed audiences and achieved impressive sales on the charts. With a decade-long affiliation with New Southern Records Sdn Bhd, driven by the esteemed producer Tee Kok Leong, Jane has launched 7 single albums, 2 of them earning her the distinguished Platinum Record Award. Her YouTube has achieved an outstanding CTR, exceeding three million views. Frequently invited for performances worldwide, Jane actively engages in charity and public welfare activities.

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