E-Mobility Asia

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As electromobility options see rapid adoption around the world, the number of electric vehicles on the road in Malaysia too have been increasing each year, with approximately 4,000 EVs so far in the country. The number continues to grow, which points to greener transportation becoming a more attractive alternative for people to get around.

In Malaysia, numerous foreign car manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volvo, Porsche, BMW, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz have all entered the EV market with models of their own. Following the trend, national car manufacturers Proton and Perodua have also begun concentrating efforts in developing their own electric models.

To bolster the EV sector and its development, Malaysia’s government has undertaken its own initiatives by offering tax incentives for the assembly or manufacturing of EVs, manufacture of component parts, and development of EV ecosystems such as charging infrastructure. To further boost EV adoption, incentives also include import duty and excise tax exemptions for imported EVs. Adding to this, the government plans to begin using EVs for its vehicle fleet beginning from 2023 as well as establish 10,000 charging stations in the country by 2025 as per the Low Carbon Mobility Blueprint 2021-2030.

Even now, players of the industry have also began taking steps to develop Malaysia’s EV sector. For example, Petronas has started collaborating with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and EV Connection to install charging facilities at its petrol stations. Likewise, Starbucks Malaysia has also followed suit in offering EV charging stations at some of its outlets.

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