International Medical Education Conference

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October 4, 2024


October 6, 2024





International Medical University

No 126, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 19,
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur,


The ‘One Health’ approach addresses human, animal, plant, and environmental health sectors collectively. The interdependencies between these sectors require a multisectoral, transdisciplinary and integrated approach. One Health involves the evaluation and monitoring of the impact of environmental hazards on healthcare systems, public health, biodiversity, and food security. This concept requires a unique blend of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, which can be challenging to integrate into the traditional academic setting.

Creating educational programs that integrate knowledge and practices of multiple disciplines to improve human, animal, and environmental health is the essence of One Health curriculum design. Teaching and learning and student assessment within the context of One Health is significant because it prepares students and professionals to address complex health issues that span the interconnected domains of human, animal, and environmental health. Digital health technologies can significantly enhance the effectiveness of One Health initiatives in various ways including digital transformation through the implementation of a comprehensive health and life sciences strategy. Faculty development is a critical component in effectively implementing the One Health approach.

This conference aims to empower healthcare professionals to catalyse transformative change in the way health and wellness are being currently defined. The conference explores curricula, teaching-learning methods, assessment tools, professionalism, and digital health concepts in the One Health context.

The subthemes of this conference are the following in context to one health:
*Curriculum Design
*Teaching and Learning
*Student Assessment
*Digital Health
*Governance and Leadership
*Faculty Development
*Professionalism & Ethics
*Stakeholder Engagement

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