Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA) 2022

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Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang

MAEPS Secretariat Building,
Persiaran MARDI – UPM,
43400 Serdang,


The 2022 edition of the biennial MAHA 2022 event aims at promoting agriculture and agro-based industries. This premier agro fair showcases all the different components and the various efforts undertaken by government agencies as well as presenting numerous business opportunities offered by this fast-growing industry.

Among the many highlights of MAHA 2022 are the ecosystem of agriculture which consists of input suppliers, farming companies, traders, processors, distributors logistics & consumers, other industry adjacent business, data device & analytics, automation & machinery and software & technologies that interrelated among each other. In addition, the event will be introducing the first “Hybrid” event concept where live and virtual platforms events are both combined. Through this unique experience, it is hoped that agriculture industry will gain momentum generating higher revenue for the nation. Through the numerous business opportunities presented by the event it is hoped it will motivate young entrepreneurs especially fresh graduates to venture into agro-food industries. Their energy, creativities and knowledge will no doubt take the industry to greater heights. The development and adoption of practices that area profitable and environmentally sound intends to stimulate the innovation of sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable agriculture practice seeks for lucrative income as well as promoting environmental stewardship to enhance quality and increase agricultural production.

MAHA 2022, an outstanding event has been built on the successes of previous events. It presents myriad of opportunities for industry players throughout the 4-day event. Participants will not only establish new networking and learn the latest agricultural methods and innovations but also take part in a movement that will propel Malaysia into leading the agricultural revolution taking place around the world.

It is crucial that a committee has been set up to formulate the National Food Security Policy with focus given to strengthening national food security in facing this current pandemic. The government will make the agro-food sub-sector a priority in order to improve Malaysia’s food security and generate higher incomes for agriculture front-liners. Be a part of MAHA 2022 and capitalize on all its offerings and make food security and sovereignty a reality for Malaysia. Showcase your products and technologies while at the same time widening your market. Explore trade opportunities to expand your business. Form alliances with like-minded entrepreneurs and develop relationships with customers.

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