B-Lingo Communications Sdn Bhd

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6th Floor, A2-6-2, Plaza Sentral Jalan Stesen Sentral 5 50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2261 4582/+603-2714 6168      Email: info@b-lingo.com

Malaysia and its colourful social fabric is the natural space for a Language Service Provider (LSP) keen to work in a truly multilingual environment where nine vernacular and dozens of other foreign languages are translated and interpreted on daily  basis. Animated with the desire to help people understand each other and to bring down language barriers, Alberto BALANZA set up B-Lingo Communications in March 2001.

B-Lingo Communications have been providing high-quality translation and interpretation services in Malaysia and throughout South East Asia ever since. Today we have clients in 27 countries and have provided interpreting services in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, PRC, India, Australia, Germany, Switzerland Spain, United Kingdom, United States & Bahrain.

There are several types of simultaneous interpreting equipment used for simultaneous interpretation services, whether it is in a conference, a seminar, a workshop or any other settings. The most common are those using Infra Red and UHF technologies. Both Digital and analog systems are available but we use and recommend digital ones, to ensure greater accuracy, zero chances of eavesdropping and sound quality. Both technologies are very stable and , in essence, perform similarly; the advantage of Infra Red is that confidentiality is easier to maintain, as the signal can’t be received outside the venue. On the other hand, UHF enables delegates to follow the proceedings even if they leave the venue for just a short while, so the narrative flow is not interrupted.

The essentials of this wireless communication are:
*Wireless headsets for the reception of real-time interpretation.
*Sound-proof booths where the interpreters sit, equipped with microphones and interpreters desks.  That is where the simultaneous interpretation actually takes place.
*Transmitters and radiators  to broadcast the audio signal to the headsets all over the venue and achieve full coverage for delegates and participants.
*Technical crew to monitor seamless interpreting and resolve any issues that may arise during transmission.

The said equipment can be provided by B-Lingo for simultaneous interpretation services in Malaysia and Singapore.  Shipping cost apply for events outside the Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas)
For small settings or site visits where delegates are not seated but on the move, FM sets are  a feasible option as well.

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