Jadi Batek Gallery Sdn Bhd (GIFT/SOUVENIR)

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30, Jalan Inai, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-2145 1133 | Email: info@jadibatek.com

Jadi Batek is one of the biggest batik handicraft centers in Kuala Lumpur. Batik tours are available every day and visitors are welcome to enjoy how batik is being made, talk to the artists and learn the story behind each batik masterpiece. Visitors are also welcomed to create their batik masterpiece to bring back home.

Besides the batik workshop, there is a retail area to showcase the batik products and Malaysian handicrafts, catering to the diverse creative and artistic needs of visitors from all over the world. We take pride and satisfaction in making our visitors happy. With the variety of activities and exquisite gifts to choose from. Batik painting is one of the best gifts to your honourable guests. It represents Malaysia. It is unique and priceless. Jadi Batek can provide custom made batik painting service.

With over four decades of experience in the local batik and handicrafts industry, Jadi Batek possesses a wealth of knowledge in the field that is unrivalled by many. Coupled with its own initiative to keep up with the latest trends in batik fashion and textile through extensive research and development, Jadi Batek produces batik and handicrafts that are modern yet rooted to its cultural origins.

The team of batik designers and makers at Jadi Batek Gallery are truly expert batik artisans that are highly skilled in their batik craft. The immense talent and powerful passion among these artisans has enabled the gallery to produce some of the finest batik products in the country. Our warm and friendly staff grounded by family values deeply rooted in this family-owned establishment will make every visitor feel comfortable and welcomed. Language is not a barrier with our multi-lingual staff who can converse fluently in English, Japanese, Mandarin and Malay, among others. Our visitor hosts are able to customized products and provide personalized attention to cater to individuals needs of our visitors.

Jadi Batek Gallery is truly a one-stop centre for a holistic experience in Malaysian batik and handicrafts. Easily accessible, this 30,000ft² spacious gallery can easily accommodate many visitors at any one time. Visitors can have a close-up view of the batik making process, meet with the batik artisans and also try their hands at making batik themselves. After that, they can choose from an impressive array of batik and handicrafts merchandise and even have their batik designs and style personalized, all under one roof.

Please visit us today for a holistic experience in Malaysian batik and handicrafts.