WYK Catering & Canopy Services Sdn Bhd (CATERING)

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229 & 230, Jalan Jambu Air Laut, Jinjang Selatan, 52000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 1700-81-5199    Email: wykcatering@hotmail.com

After more than three decades starting out only as a canopy renting business, WYK Catering & Canopy Services Sdn Bhd has grown into a formidable company with a wide clientele spanned across Klang Valley and beyond. We have served different industries and corporates as well as our beloved neighbourhood residents. Our years of expertise have been supported by our loyal clients and we continue to serve them while constantly improving in all our standards.

WYK Catering & Canopy Services Sdn Bhd has established more than 30 years of experience in exquisite catering and excellent hospitality. From appetizing Asian cuisine to full canopy rental services, we are one-stop award winning catering company for all your event needs.

Allow us to turn your wedding into an unforgettable moment to remember filled with a scrumptious-looking spread, poised table settings and a serene environment. Constructed with a bespoke touch, we aim to bring the best in catering and atmosphere set-up specifically for you and your guests. We will turn your humble abode into a magical place on the most special day of your life. Leave all the stress and worries behind while you and your guests share this intimate moment together.

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