Fairytales Little Prince and Princess Contest 2022 Grand Final

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Fairytales Little Prince and Princess Contest was held on 26th November 2022 at Atria Shopping Gallery with the contestants from age 5 to 16. The event was organized by Carat Comms Management and CN Danz Studio. Both co-founders have more than 20 years in their respective field which are event management and performances. The contestants were previously selected through a walk-in and pre-registered audition held on 25th September at Paradigm Shopping Mall.

The contest consisted of two segments – talent competition and catwalk competition. The contestants flexed their talents and grab the attention of the audiences during the talent competition and amazed the audience with their eye-catching costumes during the catwalk segment. There was special dance performance by Fusion Art Dance Studio. All the contestants were presented with certificate of participation.

The Overall Champion was Nelie. 2nd Runner up Amber Tai Yue Xin and Beori Lee Rui Xing as 1st runner up from category A. 2nd runner up Chai Hui Qin and 1st runner up Vaness Lam Qian Yee from category B.

There were 5 subtitle awards given as well, the subtitles were best costume, best talent, best catwalk and most photogenic. Best costume winner was Nelie, best talent winner was Vaness Lam Qian Yee, best catwalk winner was Chai Hui Qin, most photogenic winner was Jack Valentino Baker and last the Wondrous Angel was Ngoo Xin Hua.

The winners and finalists were awarded with cash, trophy, crown, certificate and vouchers from Redboy acting studio and Amber Chia catwalk academy. The event was a great success as it has successfully drive traffic to the mall especially families with kids. Among the event sponsors include Atria Shopping Gallery, Rainbow Trading, Wondrous Kampucha, Amber Chia Academy, 512 Studio and Red Boy Pictures, Miss Vinna Lim, D Nest’sence Birdnest, Rainbow Trading and Fusion Dance Art Studio.

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