1511 Coconut Grove (DESTINATION)

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Kampung Juara, 26800 Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia.
Tel: +606-315 5212 | Email: 1511tioman@gmail.com

1511 Coconut Grove is a private chalet and accommodation at east of Juara Village. Facing a pretty sunrise beachfront with lush greenery, each villa offers a contemporary setting inspired by traditional village home architecture, complete with stilts, thatched roof and private balcony deck.

All rooms come with air-conditioning, ceiling fan, writing table, attached bathroom with rain shower, and free wifi Internet access, in a choice of twin or queen beds. To reach the hotel, visitors need to make an overland transfer by 4WD from the nearest airport or jetty at Tekek Village.

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Among some destinations include:
Tengku Arif Temenggung (TAT) Turtle Sanctuary
TAT Turtle Sanctuary is a turtle hatchery and conservation center at Tekek Village, located along the gravel trail to Paya Village after Berjaya Tioman Resort. Hidden on a beautiful private beachfront at Teluk Sri Intan Bay, the sanctuary comes under royal patronage of Pahang together with Department of Fisheries Malaysia. Open to public during the day, a caretaker manages the place during nesting season between March and October, when eggs are collected from the beach and incubated at the center.

Marine Park
A popular snorkeling spot for tourists on round-island tours. Marine Park is a coral sanctuary at Tekek located at its east edge, with an information center opposite the beachfront that highlights Pulau Tioman’s underwater heritage. A popular snorkeling spot for tourists on round-island tours, the marine park really only has artificial reefs, though there is a great amount of marine fish. A jetty extends from the small rocky beach area, allowing visitors to walk out to the reefs and feed the fish below. Entrance to the marine park and information center is free; both open from 9.30am to 6pm daily. During the monsoon months, the information center is closed but the marine park remains open.

‘Dragon Horns’
The famous ‘Dragon Horns’ or Twin Peaks of Gunung Semukut, a mountain at Mukut Village, is Pulau Tioman’s most striking natural landmark. These two giant monoliths tower over the south coast of Tioman at approximately 700 meters high, with sharp pinnacles that resemble the horns of a dragon. One of Malaysia’s most sought-after rock climbing destinations, a trail begins from the base at Mukut Village that splits into different routes to attack different points of the mountain.

Asah Waterfall
Asah Waterfall is the most famous waterfall on the island, located at the abandoned village of Kampung Asah off Mukut. A beautiful cascade that drops into a pool hemmed in by granite slabs, Asah Waterfall is nestled within lush greenery of Tioman’s rainforest. Often included in the itinerary of tour packages from speedboat operators and hotels, visitors can access the waterfall park via jungle trail from Mukut.