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Tourism Malaysia and Perodua inked a 3-year memorandum of collaboration (MoC) to co-promote tourism in Malaysia.

This collaboration will take effect from 2024 to 2026. It is built on a foundation of mutual commitment to advancing Malaysia’s tourism sector, facilitating accessibility, and enhancing the overall tourist experience.

The MoC seeks to achieve several critical objectives that are sure to benefit the country’s tourism industry and the economy. Enhanced Accessibility: Perodua, Malaysia’s leading automotive brand, will play a pivotal role in improving accessibility for domestic and international tourists.

Sustainable Tourism: Both organisations are committed to sustainable tourism practices. This partnership will actively promote eco-friendly travel options, and simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of tourism. Perodua’s focus on energy-efficient vehicles aligns perfectly with this vision.

Cultural Exchange: Malaysia boasts a rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and heritage. Together, Tourism Malaysia and Perodua will facilitate cultural exchange programmes, which will enable tourists to immerse themselves in the diverse customs and traditions of Malaysia.

Marketing and Promotion: The collaboration will see the two organisations pooling their resources to market and promote Malaysia as a premier tourist destination. This will involve joint advertising campaigns, promotional events, and leveraging digital platforms to attract a global audience. Customer Experience: Perodua, renowned for its customer-centric approach, will work closely with Tourism Malaysia to enhance the overall tourist experience. From transportation services to recommendations for cultural events and attractions, tourists will have a seamless and memorable visit to Malaysia.

Dato’ Dr Ammar Abd. Ghapar, Director General of Tourism Malaysia said: “We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Perodua. Our collaboration signifies a united commitment to making Malaysia even more attractive to tourists. By joining forces, we can provide tourists with an unforgettable experience that showcases the beauty, diversity, and warmth of our country.”

Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad said: “For Perodua, this collaboration and its objectives are in line with our “mobility as a lifestyle” initiative. Dato’ Sri Zainal explained that through this MoC, Perodua would be able to expand its new business model, specifically vehicle subscription, while at the same time get real-time feedback from foreign travellers on their opinion of Perodua.

This collaboration between Tourism Malaysia and Perodua is set to usher in an exciting era for Malaysia’s tourism industry, and it promises to benefit the nation, its tourists, and its environment.

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